Spiritual Templating

We become what we think about all day long.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“We talked a little while ago about the twin value of Loving Play [<link; short read], inspired by the Buddhist value of Loving Kindness.

I realized this can be expanded even more through Templating [<link; medium read].

Loving x

Loving Play
Loving Kindness

Loving Beauty
Loving Gratitude

Loving Awareness
Loving Connection

Loving Care (Self-Care, Other-Care)
Loving Scan (Body-Scan)

“Reminds me of Tony Robbins’s transformational vocabulary [<link].”

“Tony’s transformational vocabulary concept has a very specific meaning. Replacing the words you habitually use to describe your emotions in order to increase or decrease the intensity of your emotional states.”

“You could think of it as an expansion of the concept.”

“You’re right. The concept has a much larger design space. It can be expanded beyond word selection, into concept creation and representational models [<link; medium read].”


About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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