The most productive month of my life

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

The most productive week of my life [<link; medium length] has turned into the most productive month of my life. 200+ hours of Deep Work. I haven’t been so focused on something since my hardcore gaming years. Seven hours per day on average every single day.”

“What’s your maximum number of hours per day?”

“Nine. I don’t want to do that many hours often. It was more of a stress test for the system. It handled beautifully. Before learning to optimize my Energy, I used to feel so tired at the end of the day. Now after nine hours of Deep Work I felt I could keep going and going.”

“Are you going to keep tracking your Deep Work now that the system is working smoothly?”

“I think I’ll keep doing it indefinitely. It’s become a kind of ritual. Plus I’ve started using it to also track Presence.”

“How are you tracking Presence with it?”

“Remember that I’m using dots to represent a half an hour time-block [<link; medium], and two joined dots represent one continuous hour. One day, an idea struck me:

What if I used the dots to also track Presence?

The goal is to Center myself – that is, breathe and connect with my BodyMind – at the beginning and/or end of every time-block. Whenever I succeed in doing this, I mark the dot with a pen over the default pencil.

Simple and elegant.”


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5 responses to “The most productive month of my life”

  1. Pro Investivity says :

    Wow! I am glad to find out how dedicated you are. It is so inspiring!
    I want to update myself with your works, so I have followed you! 🙂


  2. victoriarose002 says :

    I think this is a good method of tracking productivity, and I thought I was the only one who would (sometimes) track hours spent being “productive”.

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