Celebration Optimization 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I’ve been thinking of ways to optimize my celebration practice [<link; medium length].”

“You’re constantly optimizing things.”

“I simply love doing it. For me Optimization is a value in itself, and a form of self-expression.”

“What are your latest optimizations?”

“Firstly, I made it part of my Embodiment practice by making every celebration embodied. I call it Embodied Celebration, or ECelebration [<link; medium] for short. Whenever I celebrate, I also connect with my beautiful BodyMind.

Secondly, I started calling it Loving Celebration [<link; short]. This way, whenever I mentally access it, I access Love as well.

Thirdly, whenever I celebrate I connect with my Future-Self by saying to myself,

I love you Dani-who-I will-be.

“Do you keep it generic, or do you bring to mind a specific time in the future?”

“A specific time: the end of my life. Whenever I celebrate, I think ‘Memento mori’, and bring to mind the image of myself on my deathbed.

“That’s intense.”

“Precisely the point. It’s meant to powerfully emphasize the meaning of my actions.”


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About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

One response to “Celebration Optimization 2”

  1. jasoncaspirac says :

    This isn’t about this post, it was just the only way I could think of to get your attention.

    I came across your post from about a year ago on the CommonBook and I found it fascinating. I had a similar but much vaguer idea a few months back so finding your articulated version was exactly what I needed.

    Anyway, getting to the point, at the end of that post you mentioned you intended to actually build it. So two things: 1) how far have you got with its development since, and 2) I have a few ideas of my own.

    If you’re interested in hearing them or even just talking one on one about your own ideas, please email me at jaisenjaise@gmail.com, I’d love to work on this with you. Otherwise, feel free to ignore.

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