Learning Optimization

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Passing all the notes I take through the 80/20 filter [<link; medium read] was a really good idea.

Are you actually reading the 80 notes?

Not really. There’s too many notes, so I mostly go through the 20 ones.

“What if you eliminated the 80 entirely?”

What if some day I discover some gems among them?

For that to happen, you’d have to actually go through them, which you admitted you do not.

I may someday.

‘I may someday’ is a flimsy foundation to base your decisions on. That sounds more like FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) speaking.

My point is, saving all those 80 notes comes with an opportunity cost.

All that time you spend saving them.
All that time you spend rereading them (if you ever do) in the hope you may discover some gems among them.

All that time could be better spent saving more 20 notes.

Sounds so obvious now that you mentioned it.

The Universe of Possibility is hiding in plain sight my dear.


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