On Learning 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I think it’s important to have a visual map that acts as a guiding star for your Learning at a macro level and constantly reminds you of where you’re going.”

“What does yours look like?”

“Like this:

My Learning-Map

They’re much more interconnected, but that would make the map less legible.

My One Thing I want to master in this life is Thinking. I want to become a Super Thinker, to discover the limits of my potential. The way I like to describe it is as developing a ‘Beautiful Mind’.

The four main areas of development form a tetrad:


What you see in pink on the map is the One Thing I’m focusing on in each area:

Presence: Embodiment
Thinking: Learning/Teaching (Meta-Learning – learning how to learn)
Feeling: Empathy (Emotions)
Moving: Breathing

Learning/Teaching is my macro-focus, as this is the highest-leverage thinking skill one can learn.

I’m not focusing exclusively on these. I’m just dedicating them most time.”

“How come Writing is not on the map?”

“I consider Writing an integral part of Thinking. To a large extent, I think in writing.”

“How do you structure your learning day?”

“Structurally, my daily Deep-Work has two parts: one fixed, and one variable.

The fixed part has several ‘slots’.

The first is a writing-slot. This is what I start every single day with.
The second is a learning-slot dedicated to Meta-Learning.
The third is a learning-slot dedicated to Connection. This is the area of my life I struggle with most.
The fourth is for something important that I need to get done. I’m currently looking for a job, so I dedicate this slot to jobbing.

This marks the end of the fixed part of the day.

The variable part changes every day. I select what to learn next at random, from a variety of topics of interest to me. This is exciting because I never know what I’m going to be learning that day. One day I may be learning about NLP, another about Design, another about History, or Movement, or Mental Models, or whatnot.”


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