The Juxtaposition Game

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How do you practice Creativity?”

“One way I like to practice is by playing a little game I call The Juxtaposition Game.”

“What’s it about?”

An important Creativity skill is the ability to generate random output.

There’s a practice I know from a TED talk called 3 random words – coming up with 3 random words in quick succession.

The Juxtaposition Game is a similar practice which I invented for myself, but with two random words instead of three.

The essence of Creativity is connecting things.

After I generate the words, I play with discovering connections between them – the goal is to discover as many connections as possible, both literal and metaphoric –, and to making up a little story including both. 

By viewing it through the lens of Humor, I practice Humor as well. The juxtapositions themselves can be funny, and/or the connections between them, and/or the story.”



This is a high-density practice. I practice randomness, making connections, storytelling, Imagination and Humor at the same time.”



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