Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is hierarchization?”

“It means creating a hierarchical structure for practical ends.

It can be a visual hierarchy, where you visually communicate levels of importance.
It can be a meaning hierarchy, where you distinguish between levels of significance.
It can be a priority hierarchy, where you communicate levels of priority.

Let’s say we have four elements: A, B, C, and D.


By default, it’s just a sequence represented vertically. By viewing it hierarchically however, it takes on a different meaning. Each element becomes a distinct level, and their vertical order communicates a certain relationship between them.

So hierarchization is a mental operation. It’s not how something is, but how you look at it.”

“Can you give a practical example?”


It’s important in life to be clear on what the most important things are for you, and to have a clear focus. I found it useful to write it down so that I can constantly see it.

It looks like this:


Loving Play






I actually have them written down on two small pieces of paper, and on two (digital) sticky notes on the desktop of my computer.

At both the Macro and the Micro level, there’s a hierarchical relationship between the elements.

At the Macro level, it’s a meaning hierarchy.

Loving Play is the central value of my life, which forms a triad with Beauty and Gratitude. It’s like the center of my values map – all other values flow from these. This is the highest-order level.

Thinking and EPresence (Embodied Presence) are the two most important Soul Quests of my life. The Quests for Thinking Mastery and Awareness Mastery.

At the Micro Level, it’s a priority hierarchy.

Meta-Learning (learning how to learn) is the highest priority, because it’s the highest-leverage skill.

EConnection (Embodied Connection) comes second because it’s the area of my life where I’m weakest at.

EMovement (Embodied Movement) comes third.”


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Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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