Daily Recommitment

The human spirit is like a campfire. You need to re-light it EVERY SINGLE DAY. (Brian Johnson)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“As part of my morning activation-ritual, I start every single day by reading a selection of powerful writings.”

“What are they?”

“As a reflection of my love of reading, I like to think of them as a little book – a mini-book –, which has five chapters:

Soul Quests
The Beautiful Game
Beautiful Practice

Identity reminds me of who I want to be and who I am at my best.
Soul Quests reminds me of my Purpose and direction.
Heroes reminds me of the people I look up to and who I want to model.
The Beautiful Game reminds me of my playful essence.
Beautiful Practice reminds me of what I’m focusing on in my practice.”

“Do you have them written down?”

“No, because I’m constantly refining them, adding and removing things. Well, more removing then adding at this stage. My tendency is to add too many things, but this makes it too long to read. I’m constantly asking myself:

What can I eliminate?
Is this essential?

I read them in Google Keep.” 

“Why Google Keep?”

“I like the simplicity of it, I like that it’s free, that it allows me to have them saved in the cloud, and that I can access them on my phone.

The latest iteration looks like this:


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