Template-Models 2: Template Mind-Maps

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is a template mind-map?”

“It’s a tool for visualizing template-models [<link; short length].

The basic structure of a template-model is:

model-prefix + model + model-suffix

model is the fixed part of the template.
model-prefix and model-suffix is the variable part.

Represented as a mind-map, it looks like this:

This is a template-model centered around Learning.”

“So Learning is the fixed part of the template.”


By combining it with other models, you get various useful conceptual-models, like:

optimal-learning (model-prefix + model)
learning-output (model + suffix-model)
optimal-learning-output (model-prefix + model + model-suffix)”

“Why did you choose to represent those particular models on the map?”

“I’m working on optimizing Learning. The models on the map have actual practical application. They are conceptual-tools.

Taken as a whole, I call them MIV – Most Important Variables.”

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