Inspirational Materials as Resource

Every day you have to feed your mind. (Tony Robbins)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I take Tony’s quote to mean two things.

Learn every single day.

Go to bed every night a little wiser than when you got up. (Charlie Munger)

Get inspired every single day.

You know how powerful words can be, how they can kindle the fire of motivation within you.”

“I also know that it doesn’t last.”

“Yes, the effect is temporary. That’s precisely why you need to do it more often.

Think of everything that inspires you as a micro-moment of positivity [<link; medium read]. All these micro-moments compound. The goal is to increase the density [<link; short read] of these micro-moments over the course of a day.”


“This takes some optimization design.

Think of inspirational materials as a resource. Don’t go looking for them every time. That is time wasted. Prepare them ahead of time.

Become a collector of inspirational resources. Over time, create your own powerful selection.” 

Be selective. Focus only on the 20% (Pareto Principle).”

“What is your way of doing it?”

“Whenever I encounter a powerful quote, I save it in my CommonBook [<link]. 

From time to time throughout the day, I extract two at random. This accomplishes two things:

I trigger a micro-moment of positivity.
I practice creativity by forcing myself to make connections between them.”


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