Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What does QM stand for?”

“In the realm of Movement, QM stands for Quadrupedal Movement. This is a staple of Parkour training.

Balancing QM

In the realm of Thinking, QM stands for Questions & Models. Or, I should say, Questioning & Modelling.”

“What’s the difference?”

“By Questioning I mean
the art of asking questions, and
the art of thinking in questions (Questions Thinking).

By Modelling I mean
the art of deconstructing excellence (NLP), and
the art of thinking in models (Models Thinking).

As you know, I want to master Thinking, to become a ‘Super Thinker’. Part of the process is discovering what that means.”

“What do you mean by Thinking? I’m guessing you’re not referring to thinking what you ate for lunch, or where you left your pencil.”

“By Thinking I mean Creative Thinking

To Think is to create.

The output of Thinking is creating value.”

“What about understanding?”

“Understanding is also a creative process. You’re creating new connections between discrete pieces of information, thus generating emergent value.”

“Maybe you should call it Creative Thinking then, to make it clearer.”

“You’re right.

An essential aspect of learning is deconstructing what you’re trying to learn and identifying the fundamentals.

What are the fundamentals of Creative Thinking?

This is an open macro-question, a work in progress, something that I’ll be exploring in the coming years through my readings and reflections.”

“Do you see Questions and Models as two of the fundamentals of Creative Thinking?”


We can metaphorically think of them as tools.

What does a tool fundamentally do? Maybe you can perform the operation without the tool. The tool however multiplies the output – it’s a multiplier

A tool gives you leverage

The better the tool and the better you are at using the tool, the more leverage you have.

Questions and Models are the most powerful tools of the mind I’ve discovered so far.”


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