The most important principle of learning

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is the most important principle of learning?”

“Is it feedback?”

“Indeed, without feedback, no learning is possible. 
However if you don’t act on the feedback, no learning occurs.
And if you don’t process the feedback, you can’t act on it.”

“Reminds me of Ray Dalio’s five-step process: 

I turned it into a model which I call Problem/Diagnosis/Design.”

“That is the very structure of a learning cycle. I phrase it differently:

Reflection (Understanding)
Design (Implementation, Optimization)

But, in essence, it’s the same thing.”

“Is learning cycles the most important principle of learning?”

“I always like to remind myself that we don’t know what we don’t know.

What matters is that it has beautiful practical application.”



About Dani Trusca

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3 responses to “The most important principle of learning”

  1. Robin Angel says :

    Get feedback. Process. Act. Repeat. (The cycle of optimization). Love it.

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