The Beautiful Practice 6

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is your Beautiful Practice?”

“I journal on it often, trying to get to the essence of it. It’s been through so many iterations.

In its current form, I visualize it using two models:

Brian Johnson’s Big Three model – the three most important areas of one’s life:


Alan Watkins’s peak performance pyramid-model [<link; medium read]:


People’s brilliance comes from thinking. (Josh Waitzkin)
Thinking is deeply influenced by emotional state.
Emotional state is deeply influenced by physiology.

One modification I made to Brian’s model is replacing Work with Play. 

My Work is my Play.


Love and Play are the central values of my life. I like to think of them as a twin value – Loving Play, or Playful Love. 

As for Alan’s model, I use it as a framework for visualizing the most important aspects of my Beautiful Practice.

My Beautiful Practice

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