Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What are meta-questions?”

“Meta-questions are questions about questioning (the art of asking questions), used to become a better questioner.”

“Can you give some examples?”

“Here’s a few:

How can you deliberately practice questioning?

Is this question useful?

What is the essence of this question?

Can you ask a more beautiful question?
Can you ask a better question?
Can you ask a bigger question? (Big Thinking)
Can you ask a clearer question? (Clarity)
Can you ask a more specific question? (Specificity)

How can you optimize this question? (Question Optimization)

What is the optimal sequence for asking these questions? (Sequencing)

What is the Most Important Question? (Josh Waitzkin)

What is the biggest question you can ask? (Big Thinking)
What is the most energizing question you can ask?
What is the most powerful question you can ask?

Is this question open or closed?
How can you turn it into an open question?

“How do you come up with them?”

“I have a document titled meta-questions. Whenever I think of one, I add it to the document.”



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