Playing with Connections

Two things in life make you feel alive: growing and giving. (Tony Robbins)

True love is a love of giving, not a love of receiving. (Abraham Twerski)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“As you know, one of my favorite pastimes is playing with making connections [<link; short read] as a means of discovering beautiful ideas.”

“What’s your process?”

“I like to do it mind-mapping style.

Let’s take those two quotes as an example.

From the outset, a beautiful idea jumps at me. Giving can have two meanings:

Giving is Love
Giving is Contribution

Representing it visually, another beautiful idea jumps at me: Growing itself can be seen as an act of Self-Love.

Growing is Love

Building on it, we can say Love is the essence of both Growing and Giving.

This is the starting framework which I build on by making new connections. Each ‘is’ statement represents a meaningful connection expressesing a beautiful idea.

Growing is essentially Learning. 

Growing is Learning

The highest level of Learning is Mastery.

Learning is Mastery

By extension:

Growing is Mastery

The best way to Learn is by Teaching.

Learning is Teaching

As I see it, Teaching and Creating are the highest form of Contribution.

Giving is Creating
Giving is Teaching

I see both Learning and Teaching as creative endeavors.

Learning is Creating (Creative Learning)
Teaching is Creating (Creative Teaching)

Since Love is the essence of both Growing and Giving, we can say:

Creating is Love
Learning is Love
Teaching is Love

All these beautiful ideas combined form a beautiful model:



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