Tracking Presence

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“To efficiently practice Presence, I find it useful to track it.”

“How do you track it?”

“I have a system for tracking Deep Work. At some point, I had the idea to use it to also track Presence.

I track Deep Work (DW) using a pencil.

1. A pencil-dot in the middle of a square represents 30 minutes of DW. (short DW block)
2. Two joined pencil-dots represent 1 continuous hour of DW. (long DW block)
3. If two pencil-dots are not joined, it means there’s a break in between.
4. If more than two pencil-dots are joined, it means I lost balance. (Feedback)

I track Presence using a pen.

5. A pen-dot on the line between two squares represents a 5 minute micro-meditation.
6. A pen-dot over a pencil-dot means I started the DW block with a Centering micro-meditation.”

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