Definition (Programming)
– Restructuring the non-functional attributes of existing computer code while preserving its functionality.
– Making code clearer, cleaner, simpler, and elegant.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

What is refactoring?

It’s a model from Programming which can be extended to life systems more generally.

Refactoring is a kind of optimization.

I like to make a distinction between structural optimization and functional optimization.

Functional optimization improves the output of a system. (Functionality)
Structural optimization improves the experience of using the system. (Usability)

Both are important.

So refactoring is structural optimization.


Systems have a tendency to become overly complex. (Creeping Complexity)
This produces friction, and a diminishing desire to engage with the system.
Refactoring reduces friction.

There’s also an aesthetic aspect to it.
The more beautiful an experience, the more likely you are to want return to it.

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