Quotable Form

Stop quoting. Paraphrase. Internalize it. Make it yours. (Derek Sivers)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Ironically, Derek’s idea is itself a quote. It has Quotable Form.”

“What is quotable form?”

“Let’s start by defining what quoting is.

Quoting is copying or expressing an idea verbatim, word for word, or with minor alterations.

There’s more than one way to express an idea. Although the substance is the same, the form differs. I call all the ways in which an idea can be expressed, idea-forms.

Some idea-forms are shorter than others. (Condensed FormBrevity)
Some are clearer than others. (Clear Form)
Some are more beautiful than others. (Expressive FormExpressive Language)

The more of these qualities an idea-form has, the more memorable it is. (Memorable Form)

To internalize an idea, you expand upon it by connecting it with other ideas. You thus form your (idiosyncratic) internal model of it.

To mentally access the idea and to communicate it to others, you need to condense it into quotable form.”

“Does this mean creating your own quotable form?”

“That is important, as practice. But in terms of actual use, use the most beautiful form you know.

I see it all as a collective process. [<link; short read]”

“How would you express your idea of quotable form in quotable form?”

Quote when you couldn’t have said it better yourself.

“In condensing it, many details are inevitably lost.”

“This leaves room for the recipient to fill it with their own details.”

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Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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