The Art of Perception 8

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

It’s all interpretation.

“What do you mean?”

“We do not respond to events but to our interpretation of events. 

All events are neutral. They’re like a canvas upon which we project our interpretations. 

All events can have multiple interpretations. Yet we have a tendency to settle for the first interpretation that comes to mind.

In an important sense, the Art of Living is the Art of Perception.”

“What do you mean by the Art of Perception?”

“I mean the practice of taking control of – and taking responsibility for – our interpretations.

Some interpretations are explicit, most are implicit. Many we don’t even know we have.

The practice has three main aspects:
– Making implicit interpretations explicit, revealing them for examination. 
– Beautifying interpretations, discovering the most beautiful interpretation in any situation.
– Rewriting our dysfunctional implicit interpretations and replacing them with beautiful ones.

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