Journaling Templates

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I know the Big Three model from Brian Johnson:


Brian identified these three as the most important areas of one’s life. The model was inspired by two big ideas:

Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. (Sigmund Freud)


Manage your energy not your time.

Energy is our most precious resource, and the fundamental currency of high performance.

(James Loehr & Tony Schwartz, Power of Full Engagement)

It’s a beautiful model which Brain uses as a journaling template.”

“What is a journaling template?”

“It’s a lens through which you can view and gain clarity on your life. A potential starting point, a scaffolding you can build on in your reflection process. 

Its value is not just in the framework itself, but also where it takes you.

For instance, the output of today’s journaling looks like this:

The Big Three

Loving Play [<link; short read] is the central value of my life that connects everything else.

Our BodyMind is the most important and powerful tool we possess. I regard Movement and Thinking as two fundamental values, and two essential ways of nurturing ourselves.

As concerns Work, I consider myself a Knowledge Worker. There’s a quote a I love by Naval Ravikant:

Earn with your mind, not your time.

I’m not there yet, but I won’t rest until I do.”

“Why didn’t you draw everything on a single mind-map?”

“I used to do that, but I find it clutters the map too much. Smaller maps are more focused, and more aesthetic.

The Big Three is just one lens. To multiply the insights, you must view your life through as many lenses as possible.

For instance, another lens I like to use is Growing/Giving, which was inspired by a quote by Tony Robbins:

Two things in life make you feel alive: growing and giving.

Today’s journaling looks like this:


This Growing/Giving map complements the Big Three map because it highlights the Why that fuels my work.”

“Remind me what Kaizen means.”

“Constant never-ending improvement.”

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