Types of ideas

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How do you organize ideas?”

“I organize them into types.

On a meta level, there’s three types of ideas: 

  • Descriptive Ideas – ideas that describe something about the world.
  • Prescriptive/Directive Ideasideas that prescribe some behavior or course of action.
  • Conceptual Ideas – the realm of abstractions.

On a practical level, there’s three more:

  • Informational Ideas (Descriptive) – the realm of facts.
  • Practical Ideas (Prescriptive, Conceptual) – ideas that have some kind of practical application.
  • Reflectional Ideas – cryptic ideas that provide mental stimulation and can be a catalyst for insight.

And, finally, there’s three types of practical ideas:

  • Idea-Tools (Conceptual) – ideas that can be used as tools.
  • Actionable Ideas (Prescriptive) – ideas that clearly tell you what to do; the best ones also tell you how to do it.
  • Inspirational Ideas (Priming) – ideas that inspire, motivate and remind you of what’s important.”

“So all these would fall into the conceptual category.”


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