On Balance 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“I consider Balance one of the most important values.”

“What do you mean by Balance?”

“I mean moderation. Neither too much, nor too little. Think Aristotle’s golden mean between excess and deficiency.

I mean equanimity. The moment to moment practice of returning to your Center.

I mean proportionality. I use Brian Johnson’s beautiful Big Three framework:


All of them are equally important, so I strive to give them equal attention.

I mean oscillation. Two types in particular:

Input/Output – the balance between absorbing information and creating and acting on it.

On/Off – the balance between full engagement and full disengagement.

I like to think of the last two as a daily checklist.”


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About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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