Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is lens-stacking?”

“We’ve talked a while ago about lenses [<link; medium read]. Perceptual-models that influence one’s perception of reality.”

Reality-Filters. I remember.”

“Lens-stacking is the process of combining lenses to amplify their effect.”

“Can you give an example?”

“Values can be lenses. I call this type of values instrumental values

My primary instrumental values are four:


Combined, they form a powerful lens-stack – a tetrad

In combining lenses, you’re creating structure. A tetrad can be arranged in various configurations.

Tetrad configurations

The ones I’m going for are the last two.

Representationally, the four values are perfectly interconnected – each of them is connected with all others –, and Love is central.

Functionally, the sequencing – the order in which you access them – matters because they subtly build upon one another.

My sequencing is LBGP:


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