On practicing Tranquility

Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly. (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What are the key points in the practice of Tranquility?”

“Start by painting a vivid mental map of it using metaphors.

Peace (war model; peace is absence of war)
Stillness (water model; stillness is absence of turbulence)
Lightness (air model; lightness is absence of burden, which allows you to fly)
Home (safety, comfort, The Sacred)
Inner Sanctuary (safety, ritual, The Sacred)

Pick one or more based on how they make you feel.

The key points of the practice are Relaxation and Loving Gratitude [<link; medium read].

Relaxation has 3 components:

Conscious Deep Breathing

Slow down and be aware of your breathing. This activates the parasympathetic nervous system which has a calming effect.

Releasing Tension

Tension is created by resistance to what is. Releasing tension is the practice of Non-Resistance, and of releasing physical tension.

As you’re breathing, scan your body for tension.

let go/flow,
and as you feel the tension melting away, smile.


Wholeness is a sense of being enough and worthy just as you are. A sense that nothing is missing.

You might even repeat to yourself:

I am enough.
I am whole.
I am worthy.

As you go through this process, feel your Heart expand and open in Loving Gratitude.”



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