Movement Snacks

4 guidelines for creating a Movement Snack:

Be an opportunist. Seize the moment.

Make stuff up. Start with some reaches, some pushes, pulls and steps. The right way is the way that feels good.

Bend your knees. Do some squats, take the stairs. Bending your knees helps to integrate the entire system.

Reverse gravity. Stretch, reach and move toward the sky. Extend your back and adopt a posture of exuberance and vitality.

(Frank Forenchich, Beautiful Practice)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I maximize movement throughout the day?”

“In the words of Frank Forenchich,

Weave movement into the fabric of your daily life.

Seize and create as many movement opportunities as possible throughout the day. 

Brain Johnson calls them OTMs, Opportunities To Move.
Frank Forenchich calls them movement snacks.

I love the concept of movement snacks. 
Because of its metaphoric implication – movement is food, it’s an essential nutrient.
Because of its practical application. I turned movement snacks into the practical unit of my movement practice. I like to think of them as macro-reps.”

“So micro-reps are the specific movement patterns you perform, and the macro-reps are the movement sessions.”


“What are the advantages of having a unit of practice?”

“Having a unit of practice makes the practice quantifiable. This makes the movement habit easier to install. 

You can set a minimum daily movement target – for instance at least 10 consistent movement snacks. When you do more, that becomes your new personal best. In the long run, the goal is to constantly beat your personal best.

In being non-specific, it unifies your movement practice. The specific movement patterns are not important. What is important is that you move, while constantly keeping in mind the three principles of movement [<link; medium read]:

Quality: Move as well as possible.
Quantity: Move as much as possible.
Variety: Move as varied as possible.


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