The ideal break

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What does your ideal break look like, viewed as a checklist?”

“It has the following components:

Micro Meditation – One or more centering breaths; connecting with myself.
(Centering, Shine)

Moving Meditation – One or more movement snacks, as a means to actively recover energy.
(Active Recovery, Perpetual Motion Machine)

Reflection / Recall – Looking backwards, asking three questions:

  • What went well? (Celebration, Shine)
  • What needs work? (Understanding, Design/Optimization)
  • What will you do differently? (Design/Implementation)

(Learning Cycles)

Intention-Setting – Looking forwards, a brief preparation for the next work cycle (pomodoro); getting clear on what I want to accomplish.

Getting Inspired – Right before the next work cycle, reading a few random inspirational quotes.
(Gratitude, Shine)”


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