Learning Efficiency

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

So to maximize learning efficiency I need to maximize the number of rep(etition)s?

Broadly speaking, yes. However that’s just one aspect of it.

Remember what I called the three principles of movement [<link; medium read]?


This framework (QQV) applies to learning as well.

Maximizing the number of reps (rep maximization) is the Quantity aspect.

Maximizing the learning per rep is the Quality aspect. A quality rep (QReps) is a learning cycle [<link; short read].

Is this what’s meant by deliberate practice?


Then there’s a principle of learning called interleaving. This basically means varying your practice. Instead of practicing one thing over and over again, it’s more efficient to practice multiple related things. We might call these, synergistic reps (SReps).

To maximize learning efficiency, you need to maximize all these three aspects. 

Quantity: Rep maximization
Quality: QRep maximization
Variety: SRep maximization

This is a beautiful design process.

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