The Fudamentals of Thinking

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What are the fundamentals of Thinking?”

“My current model looks like this:

Or, in abbreviation-form:

“Looks like a chemical formula.”

“It has practical application. Reconstructing it takes effort, it’s a form of active recall.

I’ve identified three fundamental aspects of Thinking:


I used to think of Writing as the output of Thinking. Now I realize,

Writing is Thinking.

Writing is a way of externalizing your thoughts, which allows you to clarify and build on them.

Learning is the fundamental process of Growth, which has two components:

Understanding – Refining your reality-model
Implementation – Creating persistent structures (habits, skills, principles)

“What about Teaching?”

Teaching is Understanding.

To really understand something is to be able to teach it to someone who knows nothing about it.

Teaching is basically a way to get feedback on – to reveal the gaps in – your Understanding.

As for Design, it is the practical application of Creativity. It has three fundamental components:

Puzzle-Solving (or Problem-Solving)
Optimization – Making something the best it can be
Simplification – Making something the simplest it can be”

“Isn’t Simplification an aspect of Optimization?”

“The two complement one another.

Optimization is about the What.
Simplification is about the How.

You can make something function optimally, but achieve it in a way that is overly complex.

Simplification has two aspects:

Aesthetics (Beauty, Elegance, Compression)
Complexity Management – Combating complexity creep, the natural tendency of systems to increase in complexity. You can think of it as a kind of maintenance.



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