Quotes as Resource

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“There are two types of quotes worth saving:
– quotes you want to find
– quotes you want to stumble upon

The first type give one-time value. You want to see them again only to provide reference. (informational ideas in my classification of ideas [<link; short read])

The second type give repeated value. You want to see them again and again and again. Either because they’re practically useful (inspirational or actionable ideas), or because they’re thought-provoking (reflectional ideas). Moreover, in seeing them again, they have creative potential – the potential to give birth to new ideas. 

The latter are the ideal target for randomization.”

“What do you use for randomization?”

“I’m using the CommonBook [<link] – the digital commonplace book I’ve created with my brother, which is built around randomization.”

“Are you saving the first kind of quotes in the CommonBook as well?”

“I actually see the commonplace book as a system

For the quotes I only want to find, I’m using Obsidian [<link].
For the quotes I want to stumble upon (and find), I’m using the CommonBook.”


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