Contrasting 6

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is contrasting?”

“The process of creating contrast between two entities, in the moment, for practical effect.

The fundamental mental operation is comparison.

A compared to B

The contrast effect is produced by the choice of what you compare.

You can compare something with its opposite.

With Memento Mori for instance, you contrast life with death, as a means to appreciate life more and create a sense of urgency.

You can (metaphorically) compare two things in terms of scale.

With the universal perspective, you can contrast the perceived size of your problems with the size of the universe, thus reminding yourself of your insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

With the circle of knowledge, you can contrast what you know with what you don’t know, as a means to practice Humility.

You can compare something with its opportunity cost.

Time is limited. Everything we do has an opportunity cost. In doing one thing, you’re not doing something else. With opportunity cost, you contrast what you’re choosing to spend time on with what you’re giving up.”



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