Counting Metaphors

Always look out for the use of adjectives in a press piece.

Adjectives are almost never objective. They reflect the personal opinion and attitude of the writer. Count the ‘adjective score’ to see how reliable that source may be. Facts can stand for themselves but adjectives cannot.

(Edward de Bono)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“One of my favorite pastimes is what I call meaning analysis.”

“What is it?”

“I take a random text and start deconstructing its meaning. I identify mental models, metaphors, mental operations, abstractions and ambiguities, cognitive distortions, biases, fallacies, assumptions, etc.

I love Edward de Bono’s idea of counting adjectives. I’ve extended it to metaphors as well.”

“The adjective score reveals the reliability of the source. What does the ‘metaphor score’ represent?”

“Often, someone’s level of confusion.”

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