Quotes as Resource 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How do you use quotes as a resource?”

“As you know, I collect quotes [<link; short read] in my CommonBook [<link]. 

Some of the most important quotes are quotes that inspire me. I call them inspirational quotes. I tag them with ‘inspirational’.

Among those, some really inspire me. I tag those with ’20’.”

“The 20 from the Pareto Principle (80/20)?”


When I’m feeling low, or when I want a motivation boost, I select the tag ‘inspirational’ to filter them, shuffle them (display them in random order), and read from them for 5 minutes. This has a powerful emotional flooding [<link; short read] effect.”

“Why don’t you read only from the 20%?”

“Unlike regular quotes, my 20-quotes have bolded passages in them – this is by design, to make them stand out. Discovering the 20 among the 80 feels like a surprise, which amplifies their effect.”

P.S. You can try it out for yourself here [<link].

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