Intentional Biasing

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is intentional biasing?”

“You’re familiar with the notion of action bias.”

“Yes. Our default tendency to favor action over inaction. We seem to operate under the implicit belief that doing something is better than doing nothing. This can lead us astray. Sometimes doing nothing is the better option.”

“It can also be used in a constructive sense. 

Action bias is a corrective habit meant to combat our tendency toward inaction – our tendency to passively stuff ourselves with information without acting on it.

This is what I call intentional biasing.

Similarly, we could think of something like elimination bias.

Elimination bias is a corrective habit meant to combat our tendency toward addition – our tendency to hoard things, and of our systems to needlessly increase in complexity.

There’s a compounding [<link; short read] effect at work here. Every little addition taken individually seems insignificant. In time, however, little by insignificant little, adds up to a significant lot.”

“Reminds me of the clean as you go principle I learned while working in a kitchen in London. By cleaning as you go, the effort is constant but minimal. There’s a beautiful rhythm to it. Absent this insight – the default –, adds up to an overwhelming mess at the end of the day which requires a significant effort to fix.”

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