The Obstacle is the Way 5

Be uncomfortable every day of your life. (David Goggins)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Discomfort is a need.

It is fundamental for growth. Without discomfort, without venturing outside the limits of your comfort zone, it is impossible to grow.

Discomfort is a practice.

It is fundamental for maintaining growth. Unused capacities atrophy. To have a capacity forever, you must practice it forever.

Daily exposure to discomfort increases your capacity to tolerate – and even enjoy – discomfort.”

“How do you practice discomfort?”

“I do some form of intense physical activity every day. The practice is to push past the point when my body signals me to stop.

I take a cold shower every day. The practice is to calm myself using the breath.

I do breath-holds throughout the day. The practice is to calm myself mentally, without using the breath.

I frequently do Parkour challenges which expose me to fear.”

“How about expanding it in the sphere of the social?”

“That’s something I’m building up to. Strangely, I find it more difficult than all the previous ones combined.”

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