The Daily Game

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is the daily game?”

The game of making the day a work of art.

“How can I make the day a work of art?”

“I call the ideal day – however you conceive it for yourself –, the masterpiece day.

Get crystal clear on what the components that make up your masterpiece day are. 

What deeply meaningful things that are always within your control do you want to do every day?

Once you have the building-blocks, create a blueprint for your masterpiece day.”

“What if life gets in the way?”

The daily game is living your masterpiece day every day regardless of circumstances.

That’s why it’s important to base it only on things within your control.”

“What are the components of your masterpiece day?”

Growing and Giving [<link; very short read] – where Giving means both Love and Contribution.

Creating, Learning, and Moving.”


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