Self-Love as Practice

If you loved yourself, truly and deeply, would you let yourself experience this? 

If you loved yourself, truly and deeply, what would you do? 

(Kamal Ravikant, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Inspired by Kamal Ravikant, I created a mantra for myself that I repeat often:

I love you, Dani.
I love you, Dani-who-I-was.
I love you, Dani-who-I-will-be.”

“So you’re expressing Self-Love as self-talk.”


“Saying it is a useful practice. However, you can enrich the practice by showing it through your actions.

You show it through Self-Care, in how you take care of your Health and manage your Energy, in your Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.

You show it through Self-Gratitude, in appreciating your beautiful BodyMind and never taking it for granted.

You show it through Self-Awareness, in how receptive you are to the signals of your BodyMind.

You show it through Self-Control, in not giving in to harmful impulses.

You show it through Self-Trust, by your degree of trust in the genius of your subconscious mind and in your BodyMind’s capacity to heal – by your ability to get out of your way and let your inner genius do its magic.”

“I often struggle in most of these aspects.”

Above all, you show it through Self-Kindness, Self-Compassion, and Unconditional Self-Acceptance in every struggle and in your most challenging moments.”


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