Writing Cycles

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

I see writing as an oscillation. 

On/Off. Engagement/Disengagement.

Does it not take you out of Flow to interrupt your writing?

Think of it. When do you usually have most insights?

When I’m taking a shower, and when I’m walking.

So when you’re not focused on writing – during the Off. 

Based on this insight, I’ve integrated the Off into the writing process. (Integral Thinking)

I see writing as both the On and the Off. 

The On and the Off form an integral unit – like Yin/Yang. 

The On without the Off is fruitless.
The Off without the On is aimless.

I call the sequence of On followed by Off, writing cycle.

Writing Cycle = On + Off


About Dani Trusca

Playfully seeking wisdom

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