Befriending discomfort

Mentally and physically train yourself to live on the other side of pain. (Josh Waitzkin)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I befriend discomfort?”

“Practice in the little moments of life.

Practice in the small things.

The small things are the big things. (Josh Waitzkin)

The small things compound [<link; short read].
The small things prepare you for the big things.

Take itching, for instance.

Make it a habit to never scratch.

Whenever you’re feeling an itch, pause, breathe, inhibit the impulse, and smile.

Bring to mind the idea of impermanence.

This too shall pass.”

“Such a small thing.” 

“The small things are common.
The big things are rare.

Life is mostly made up of small things.

To live artfully is to beautify and make the most of the small things moment to moment.”


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