Quotes-as-Resource Experiment

I collect quotes. (My quotes collection is approaching 7,000 quotes.) I’ve been experimenting with ways of using quotes as a resource.

One way I do it is by creating lists of powerful inspirational quotes that I randomize and read from. I’ve found that reading multiple of them one after another amplifies their effect – I call this effect emotional flooding. For me, it works beautifully. Now I’d like to expand the experiment to others.

Here’s what you can help me with:

Read some quotes one after another from my shared quotes list [<link], maybe for a minute or so. (Every time you access the link, the quotes are displayed in random order.) I’m interested in how the experience makes you feel.

I’m interested in validating the emotional flooding effect. I realize the quotes may not be as powerful as they are for me – they are my quotes selection, based on my own model of reality. But I’m hoping it will have some effect, enough to validate the usefulness of the tool.

You can help me even more by reading from them when you’re feeling low. I’m interested in the extent to which it helps you recover balance.

P.S. If it works for you too, you can access the link any time you want. My public quotes are always available.

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