Why-Priming 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Why do we so often fail to live up to our ideals?

One reason is that we forget.

At a certain moment in time, you choose to do something because you know Why you’re doing it, it feels important, you’re connected with the Meaning of it.

At a different moment in time, when confronted with the same choice, you choose differently. At that moment, it doesn’t feel important, the Why is absent from your mind.

This is an access problem.

You have the knowledge, but the knowledge is not available when you need it. I call the process of making knowledge available when you need it, operationalizing knowledge.

How can I operationalize knowledge?

Make it a habit to ask yourself often about the things you’re considering doing:

Why is it important?

I call this practice, why-priming. You can think of it as a themed micro-meditation – a meditation that helps you reconnect with Meaning.

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