Life as System

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

How can I optimize my life?

“Think of your life as a symphony of systems.

I call the systems that make up your life, life-systems.

Life optimization is systems optimization.

Gain clarity on what the highest-leverage life-systems are, and optimize them one by one.

Should I focus on one at a time?

You can have one as the primary focus and several as secondary foci.

And you can focus on optimizing one thing at a time within every life-system.

What is the most important life-system?

Your beautiful BodyMind because it creates your reality.

What are the most important life-systems?

For me, they are four:

BodyMind System

– Thinking / Awareness System
– Self-Care System

Meaning System

– Beliefs System
– Identity System
– Values System

FUNdamentals System

– Sleep
– Nutrition
– Movement

– Self-Awareness
– Breathing
– Meditation
– Celebration

The Big Three

– Energy System
– Work System
– Relationships System

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