My Central Focus

To teach any subject is to participate in part in teaching the art of being human. A great teacher whether it is of chemistry, English, Parkour or martial arts is a teacher who calls forth a more profound understanding of that central art. (Rafe Kelley)

I’m a polymath. I have so many interests. The problem is, I’m pulled in too many directions. I’ve been journaling a lot to gain clarity on what the best central focus is.

Finally, it struck me: language.

I’m fascinated by the magical technology we call ‘language’. We’re immersed in it. It’s for us like water to the fish, invisible, yet it shapes our thoughts and feelings and traces the boundaries of our (inter)subjective reality.

I’m currently studying to become an English teacher. It allows me to practice teaching and delve more deeply into the mechanics of language. At the same time, I’ll be exploring ways of learning (and teaching) all language-related skills – and playing with ways of learning multiple at the same time.

The ultimate goal is to create practical handbooks for all the skills I’m interested in and to integrate them into a single master practice which I call The Beautiful Practice.



About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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