Carpe Hora

Carpe Diem
“Make each day your masterpiece.” (John Wooden)
A masterpiece life is the compounded effect of your masterpiece days.

Carpe Hora
Make each hour your masterpiece.
A masterpiece day is the compounded effect of 16 precious hours.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I make the most of every hour of every day?”

“Track it.”

“Isn’t it tedious?”

“Depends how important it is for you. Think of it as a form of deliberate practice.”

“What is worth tracking?”

“The details are for you to play with. Experiment.

I currently track two essential aspects of bodymind training: meditation and movement. My goal is is to meditate and move during every hour of every day.”

“How do you track them?”

“I use pencil and paper. The day before, I write every hour of the day with a faint pencil stroke – it’s barely visible.



Whenever I track an hour, I write over the corresponding number with a hard stroke, and I do a micro-meditation.


I have a simple notation system for tracking meditation and movement.

A pencil dot marks a micro-meditation.
A larger dot marks a 5+ minute meditation.
A faint circle (around the dot) marks a small movement snack.
A hard circle marks a consistent movement snack.”

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