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Live beautiful 2

When people say: “You do so many things. You’re a musician, you’re a painter, you’re a composer, you’re a cinematographer, you’re the editor.” I go, “No, I only do one thing. I live a creative life. When you put creativity in everything, everything becomes available to you. (Robert Rodriguez)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What does live beautiful mean to you?”

“As you know, my Ikigai, my life’s purpose expressed in one word is Beautify [<link; short read]. What this means is that I see life through the lens [<link; short read] of Beauty.”

“Is that why you call yourself a Life-Artist?”


The name of my life philosophy is Playful Living, which flows from my Ikigai.
The core of my philosophy is my central value, the twin value of Loving Play [<link; short read].
The essence of my philosophy is beautifully expressed in Robert Rodriguez’s quote.

Live a creative life. (Creative Living)
– Make your life a work of art.
– Make today a work of art. (Carpe Diem)
– Live each day like it’s your last. (Marcus Aurelius)
– Make this moment of work of art.

Expanded, it means many other things:

Live an extraordinary life.
Become extraordinary.
– Be brilliant every single day.
– Live heroically and serve profoundly. (Brian Johnson)

Live life as deeply as you possibly can, and as beautifully as you possibly can. (Josh Waitzkin)

Live in a beautiful state and find beauty in whatever life brings you. (Tony Robbins)

Live fully in each moment. (Thich Nhat hanh)

Live simply.

Live boldly.
– Live fearlessly.

Live to learn. (Seth Godin)

Live at the stretch zone. (Josh Waitzkin)
– Live on the other side of pain. (Josh Waitzkin)

Live an authentic life.
– Live your truth and share it. (Kamal Ravikant)
– Live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you. (Bronnie Ware)

Live life on your own terms. (Darius Foroux)
– Earn with your mind, not your time. (Naval Ravikant)

Among other things.”

My Center

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is your Center?”

Symbolically, my Heart.

Practically, my whole BodyMind.


Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is a macro-template?”

“It’s a template [<link; medium read] that gives a big-picture overview of who you are and what you stand for. It’s a central access-point for retrieving everything else.”

“What does yours look like?”

“Like this:

My macro-template

It has three main systems:

– Identity
– Values
– Soul Quests”

“What are Soul Quests?”

“Meaningful things you’re moving toward but can’t possibly reach. They give your life direction. Another metaphor for them is Guiding Stars

My central identity-block (modular-identity [<link; medium read]) is Life-Artist [<link; medium read].

My central value is Loving Play [<link; short read].

I have two central Soul Quests:
– my Ikigai, my reason for getting up in the morning, which I express in one word as Beautify [<link; short read]

Each of them is itself a deep mind-map.

As a side note, in actuality, they’re all deeply interconnected.

The hierarchical structure helps with retrieval, with combating our tendency to forget.

I use the macro-template as a journaling template every morning. I actually write it down.”

“Can’t you simply read it?”

“In writing something down, you engage in active recall, you’re actively retrieving it from memory.”

Move beautiful

Seek perfection in your locomotion and training to achieve an exceptional quality and standard in your movements, regardless of what they are. (Chris Rowat)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What does move beautiful mean to you?”

“Move meaningfully.
Make movement meaningful.
Make movement identity. (Mover)

Move lovingly. (Loving Care, Embodiment)
Connect with yourself through your movement. (Centering)
Move serenely. (Peace)
Move joyfully.

Move gratefully. (Loving Gratitude)
Celebrate your beautiful body with every movement. (BodyMind)

Move playfully. (Loving Play, Fun, Movement Puzzles)
Move creatively. (Improv)
Make stuff up.

Move more. (Quantity, Movement Snacks)
Move continuously. (Perpetual Motion Machine)
Think while moving.

Move better. (Quality)
Move mindfully. (Loving Presence)
Move gracefully.
Move purposefully.
Every movement a meditation.

Move in all ways. (Variety)
Move holistically.
Move your whole body, not just parts of it.
Move all joints through their full range of motion.

Move opportunistically.
Move anywhere.
Adapt to your environment.

Move comfortably. (Relaxation, Stretching)
Move uncomfortably. (Challenge, Learning)

Move funny.
Move seriously.

Move with others. (Collective Play, Loving Connection)

Move on music.
Move on your inner music.

Among other things.”

The highest-order practice 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is your highest-order practice?”


Loving Play [<link; short read]
Loving Meditation
Loving Kindness
Loving Compassion
Loving Gratitude [<link; medium read]”

The Beautiful Practice 7

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is the Beautiful Practice?”

The Practice that integrates all other practices.

Another name for it is the Beautiful Game [<link; medium read].”

The Beautiful Practice 6

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is your Beautiful Practice?”

“I journal on it often, trying to get to the essence of it. It’s been through so many iterations.

In its current form, I visualize it using two models:

Brian Johnson’s Big Three model – the three most important areas of one’s life:


Alan Watkins’s peak performance pyramid-model [<link; medium read]:


People’s brilliance comes from thinking. (Josh Waitzkin)
Thinking is deeply influenced by emotional state.
Emotional state is deeply influenced by physiology.

One modification I made to Brian’s model is replacing Work with Play. 

My Work is my Play.


Love and Play are the central values of my life. I like to think of them as a twin value – Loving Play, or Playful Love. 

As for Alan’s model, I use it as a framework for visualizing the most important aspects of my Beautiful Practice.

My Beautiful Practice

On Beauty and Simplicity 2

Brevity is beautiful. (Kalid Azad)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Tell me a model that expresses something you strive for.”


Expressing as much as possible with as little as possible.”

Your One Word 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Once you discover your One Word [<link; medium read], the next stage is going granular, gaining more and more clarity on what it means. Building a high-fidelity model / map.”

“What’s your process for doing that?”

“I’m thinking meta.

What is the highest-order level that captures the essence of who I am / strive to be?

I’m focusing on four domains – like four cardinal-points:

Meta-Identity (essential identity-blocks [<link; medium read])

Visually the map looks like this:

My One Word

Each item on the map is a (ever-evolving) philosophy in itself.”

“You’ve beautified the map itself.”

“There’s a quote I love by Josh Waitzkin:

The real art in learning takes place as you move beyond proficiency, when your work becomes an expression of your essence.

Expanded to the Art of (Playful) Living:

The real art in living takes place when your work becomes an expression of your essence – and your entire life becomes your work.

For the Life-Artist everything is a means of self-expression.”

“Do you think that anyone can be a Life-Artist?”

“Yes. I strongly believe that anyone can, if they choose to.”

Your One Word

There is One Word that defines who you are. One Word that connects all the things in your life that make you come alive. (Evan Carmichael)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is Your One Word?”

“It’s a beautiful idea I know from Evan Carmichael’s book with the same name. An extension of the One Thing mental model.

It’s basically the idea of condensing everything you stand for, your life philosophy and your Purpose – your reason for getting up in the morning, your Ikigai – into one word.

Evan makes the point that it’s not only useful for yourself – as a powerful mantra-word –, but also for communicating it to others. What’s inspiring for you can also inspire others.”

“What is your One Word?”

My One Word is Beautify.

I’ve had clues about it in my own writings for some time.

For instance:

‘How can I know when I’m on the Beautiful Path?’

You can SEE the breathtaking Beauty in the fabric of the everyday.


Such a beautiful day.

Every day is beautiful, you just can’t see it all the time.


Why are you doing x?

I’m expressing myself.

You’re thinking small.

Express yourself though your LIVING.
Make your WHOLE LIFE a Creative Act,
Make your WHOLE LIFE a Work of Art.



I know, but I keep forgetting it.

This too is part of the Game.

Evan’s book was the catalyst that brought them all together.


Notice Beauty. It’s everywhere around you, if your Heart is open.

Appreciate Beauty. See every instance of Beauty for the Gift that it is.

Create Beauty. Always, in all ways.

Now, and forever.

Make your life / today / this moment a work of art. [Levels of Magnification]

Live a creative life. (Robert Rodriguez)

Maximize each moment’s creative potential. (Josh Waitzkin)

Make an art of everything you do.
Always do your best.

Make a game of everything you do.

The word means all those things, and many many more.

My One Word