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On dealing with involuntary thoughts

Don’t believe everything you think.

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Our involuntary thoughts [<link; short read] constantly come and go, outside our control. Some are resourceful, others are not.

The involuntary thoughts we believe become our reality.

How can I stop believing the thoughts that don’t serve me?

Detach yourself from your involuntary thoughts. Notice them without judgment (Non-Judgmental Self-Awareness), in the same way you might watch the clouds in the sky. I call this practice, thought gazing.

Think of your involuntary thoughts as suggestions. 

Never take the first suggestion. Always consider multiple alternatives.

Let go of those that don’t serve you. Even better, play with them. Use them as creativity fuel, in the same way an improviser might use suggestions from the audience to craft a magical experience.


The Art of Perception 12

Any particular way of looking at things is only one among many other possible ways. (Edward de Bono)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“We have the tendency to stick with the first interpretation that comes to mind. We often forget – some can’t even envision – that things can be interpreted in multiple ways.

The interpretation triggers emotion, which leads to further interpretation, which maintains and often amplifies the emotion.

Interpretation => Emotion => Interpretation => Emotion

The initial interpretation acts as an anchor on which we base all subsequent interpretations.”

“What is the initial interpretation based upon?”

“Past experiences, sometimes from the very distant past.

Your past subtly influences your future. Unless you break out of such patterns, your past is your future.”

“What’s the practice?”

Remember always that objective reality is neutral. We project our subjective reality on it through our interpretations. 

Always question your first interpretation. 

Generate multiple alternative interpretations, and select the most beautiful one.