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I am the Cat

At Parkour Randezvous 2018 in London

I am the Cat.

This little mantra is an idiosyncratic-tool, a tool tailored to my specific circumstances.

I love cats.

For me, cats are grace embodied. As a Parkour practitioner, I find the precision and efficiency with which they move and traverse obstacles beautiful and inspiring in equal measure. Most interestingly, that beauty is purely functional, with no extraneous embellishments. For cats, what we call “beauty” is simply the norm, the baseline.

Cats are my teachers.

On my Path of Mastery, my aim is to move with the grace, precision and efficiency of the cat ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

To BECOME the Cat.

The mantra is meant to constantly remind me of this aim, and it’s the equivalent of (an identity-affirming) “That’s like me!” whenever I manage to embody it.