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Life of Meaning

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What do you want?”

I want to play.

I want to create.
I want to learn.
I want to move.

I want to create value for other people.

I want to do it every single day… forever.

Your One Word

There is One Word that defines who you are. One Word that connects all the things in your life that make you come alive. (Evan Carmichael)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is Your One Word?”

“It’s a beautiful idea I know from Evan Carmichael’s book with the same name. An extension of the One Thing mental model.

It’s basically the idea of condensing everything you stand for, your life philosophy and your Purpose – your reason for getting up in the morning, your Ikigai – into one word.

Evan makes the point that it’s not only useful for yourself – as a powerful mantra-word –, but also for communicating it to others. What’s inspiring for you can also inspire others.”

“What is your One Word?”

My One Word is Beautify.

I’ve had clues about it in my own writings for some time.

For instance:

‘How can I know when I’m on the Beautiful Path?’

You can SEE the breathtaking Beauty in the fabric of the everyday.


Such a beautiful day.

Every day is beautiful, you just can’t see it all the time.


Why are you doing x?

I’m expressing myself.

You’re thinking small.

Express yourself though your LIVING.
Make your WHOLE LIFE a Creative Act,
Make your WHOLE LIFE a Work of Art.



I know, but I keep forgetting it.

This too is part of the Game.

Evan’s book was the catalyst that brought them all together.


Notice Beauty. It’s everywhere around you, if your Heart is open.

Appreciate Beauty. See every instance of Beauty for the Gift that it is.

Create Beauty. Always, in all ways.

Now, and forever.

Make your life / today / this moment a work of art. [Levels of Magnification]

Live a creative life. (Robert Rodriguez)

Maximize each moment’s creative potential. (Josh Waitzkin)

Make an art of everything you do.
Always do your best.

Make a game of everything you do.

The word means all those things, and many many more.

My One Word


Remember your why

Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. (Marcus Aurelius)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Know your why.”

“To that I’d add:

Remember your why. 

Moment to moment to moment. Especially in difficult moments.

It’s not enough to have something stored in your mind. You need to constantly access it. Accessing it is a practice.

Imagine the information in your mind represented as a heat map.

Heat map

Less accessed information is cooler, more accessed information is hotter. Your why should be one of the hottest spots on the map.

I like to make a distinction between the big why – your Purpose, your Ikigai, your One Thing – and the small whys.

Align all your small whys with the big why.

The Essence of Meditation 2

Concentration is at the crux of all human success and endeavor. If you can’t concentrate, you can’t manifest.

Concentration is the ability to keep your awareness on one thing for an extended period of time.


Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is the essence of meditation?”

“I thought we were done last time [<link; medium read].”

“To practice something efficiently you need to know exactly what you’re practicing.

What is the structure of the practice?
What is the scope of the practice?

Last time we focused on the structure. The scope however – the why – is equally important. The more specific and inspiring, the better.


I’m meditating because it’s good for me.

That’s terribly vague, and really uninspiring.

I’m meditating because it’s essential training for performing at my best.

I’m meditating because it’s the gateway into Flow, the peak performance state, the optimal state of being.

In meditating, I’m training Concentration and Relaxation, and I’m preparing for Flow.

I call this why-priming [<link; medium read]. You can do it right before meditating, as a form of intention-setting.”


“I like what you did there.”

The Beautiful Path 4

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Make it the absolute priority of your life until you find the Beautiful Path, my dear.”

“How do you know I didn’t?”

“You wouldn’t have time to waste if you did.”

Creative Destiny 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

Why are you doing x?

I’m expressing myself.

You’re thinking small.

Express yourself through your living.
Make your whole life a Creative Act,
Make your whole life a Work of Art.