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On Ritual 3

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“A ritual has a substantive aspect and a formal aspect.

The substantive aspect is about the how; the formal aspect is about the what.”

“What if the substantive aspect is missing and you only have the formal aspect?”

“That’s an empty ritual.” 

“So the essence of ritual is the substantive aspect. It may or may not have a formal aspect.

Let’s call a ritual with a substantive aspect, substantive ritual.
Let’s call a ritual with a formal but no substantive aspect, formal ritual.

You can perform anything as a substantive ritual by imbuing it with meaning and feeling, by doing it mindfully, contemplatively, with a loving grateful heart.

As long the substantive aspect is missing, you have a hollow formal ritual regardless of how fancy the veneer.”


On Ritual 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“What is ritual?”

“The practice of turning the profane into the sacred.

Creating sacred time and sacred space.”

The Beautiful Practice 5

Whenever you start a practice, always spend a moment connecting with yourself. (Aadil Palkhivala)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“You know how during physical training you start with a warm-up and end with a warm-down. You can metaphorically apply this model to any aspect of the Beautiful Practice.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can start any activity with a pre-activity ritual (warm-up), and end it with a post-activity ritual (warm-down).”

“Can you give an example?”

“It might be something like this:

Pre-activity Ritual

Connecting with yourself (Conscious Breathing, Centering)

– Intention-Setting (Clear Goals)
Why-Priming [
<link; short read] (Memento, Remembering your Why)

Post-activity Ritual

Connecting with yourself

Reflection (Feedback, Optimization)

“Would you do this for even for mundane activities, like washing the dishes?”

The small things are the big things.

Anything you do is an opportunity for Practice. The rituals ensure that you make the most of it.”

Daily Rituals 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Viewed through the 80/20 (Pareto) filter, what’s the most important part of the day, the 20%?”

“The beginning and the end. Those are the parts you have most control over. They give the day structure and momentum. I like to think of them as the AM and PM Rituals.”

“What’s your process for creating them?”

“I start with two questions:

What do you want to think?
What do you want to do?

As concerns the thinking, there’s two aspects to it:

How do you want to think about the process in the moment? [as a means to make it meaningful]


The process as Ritual
The process as

What’s the first thing you want to think when you wake up in the morning?
What’s the first thing you want to think when you close your eyes at night?

You can have a (slightly different) little mantra for each.


I want to start and end the day with Love and Gratitude, so my mantra has the structure:

Good morning/night Dani
Love mantra
Gratitude mantra

As concerns the doing, this has to do with creating sequences of specific actions. You can think of them as checklists. You can start by having them written down, until you internalize them.


AM Ritual:
Making bed
Drinking water
Activation [
energizing yourself]
– Mental: Writing / Journaling
– Physical: Moving
Priming [
readying your Compass]
– Recommitment
[Purpose, Goals]

PM Ritual:
Reflection on the day
– Writing / Journaling
Preparation for the next day
Priming [
something for your mind to work on over night]
– MIQ (Most Important Question)

“Does the order in which you do them matter?”

“It doesn’t.

Play with them, experiment.
Experiment with the content,
experiment with the sequencing,
experiment with the duration,
until you find the structure that works best for you.

One important aspect is to not just go through the motions. 

How you do them is as important as doing them. 

Strive to do them mindfully, to be totally present in the doing. That’s the purpose of thinking of the entire process as Meditation. You can even ask yourself at the end:

How present was I?

The Memento Game 2

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“How can I stop forgetting what’s essential?”

Have a system for it.

There’s two aspects to it:
little daily rituals, and

Daily rituals might include
getting clear on the macro every day [<link; short length],
a daily morning refresher of your values and your purpose [<link; medium],
having a selection of powerful images that change randomly on the desktop of your computer [<link; medium],
having a selection of short powerful quotes that you can randomize [<link; medium] and consume in small bites throughout the day…”

“Wisdom snacks?”

“Nice way of putting it.

They might include contemplating your antilibrary [<link; medium] every day – a daily reminder of the limits of your knowledge –,
or a selection of inspiring books you read (or reread) from every day.
It might even include having some meaningful tattoos [<link; short] and actually looking at them.”

Weird rituals

Be your unapologetically weird self. (Chris Sacca)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“Do you have any weird rituals?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Tell me one.”

“I have a ritual of kissing my tattoos.

(The Obstacle is the Way [<link; short length] on my left forearm, and Connections on the right forearm)

It’s a symbolic act.

I’m kissing my beautiful BodyMind, which I’m deeply grateful for, and consider sacred.

And I’m kissing the ideas the tattoos express. Those are deep ideas which encode my entire life philosophy and system of thought.”