Games of Perception: Beauty

Think of a color, say, green. Now look around you, wherever you are.

Notice how ALL green things big and small magically start popping up into view. You may even notice things you hadn’t noticed before.

That’s what I like to call “setting your mental channel”.

I find this phenomenon fascinating (and perception in general). I’ve been experimenting with it, setting it to all sorts of things, both concrete and abstract, to discover its limits. The “mental channel” is set by default to certain things, that is, of the myriad things that surround you, you consistently notice some things but not others. It’s fun to analyze yourself and discover what these things are, and ask yourself why that is, but I’d like to propose you a different game:

Set your mental channel to Beautiful.

Try it… You may be surprised of what pops up into view.

You can play the game absolutely anywhere, at any time, and it’s even more interesting to try it in surroundings which you normally consider bleak or ugly.

Play the game enough times and it will become part of you default mental channel.

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