Creative Living

When people say: “You do so many things. You’re a musician, you’re a painter, you’re a composer, you’re a cinematographer, you’re the editor.” I go, “No, I only do one thing. I live a creative life.” When you put creativity in everything, everything becomes available to you. (Robert Rodriguez)

Fragments from imaginary dialogues

“For me, this quote expresses the essence of the Art of Playful Living. Expressed as a principle, I call it Creative Living.

Viewed as a practice, I like to express it with three directives:

Think something different.
Do something different.
See something different.

“What do they mean?”

Think something different means constantly making and breaking thought-patterns.

Thinking new thoughts – thoughts you haven’t thought before –, creating ideas, playing with your imagination.
Thinking different thoughts in situations where you used to think the same thoughts.
Remembering that,

Any particular way of looking at things is only one from among many other possible ways. (Edward de Bono)

Do something different means constantly making and breaking behavior-patterns.

Creating and eliminating habits.
Doing new things. (Novelty)
Doing the same things in new ways. (Variety)

See something different means constantly making and breaking perceptual-patterns.

Seeing different things in the environment around you. (Attention-Directing)
Seeing things differently by playing with interpretations.
Seeing the invisible – the things you take for granted, and the things you can only see with the mind’s eye.”

About Dani Trusca

Life-Artist, Thinker, Mover (Traceur)

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